HPM TEAM in Helsinki Open

  • marraskuu 22, 2018

Home Club Helsinki Wrestling – Men (In finnish HPM) has over 50 wrestlers on fire next weekend.

Helsinki Open is the main touurnament of the year for many young wrestlers. Some propably have opportunity to wrestle against foreighn wrestler. Even that can fullfill their expectations. Although HPM wrestlers are widely compieting in many different countries, still for many young HPM wrestlers Helsinki Open is the only contact for international wrestling. They are wait to see something new, learn something new. Youngest kids are  not lieing on bed on saturday when cadets, juniors and seniors are wrestling. They are cheering older teammates and looking for possibility to meet some tough foreighn wrestlers.

HPM is active with tournaments. When ever Helsinki Open starts it´s gonna be 55th tournament for the club on this year. Many times we go over 60 tournaments that means over 1 tournament per week. It´s possible because we have 500 wrestlers and 25 different training groups. HPM is training in 3 different halls in Helsinki.

Summmary. We all wait for you with a big heart. For our wrestlers, coaches, parents this is at the same time hardest and best weekend of the year . WELCOME !!!