Finland won FIN-SWE dual meet

  • marraskuu 25, 2017

Finland won cadet dual meet late saturday evening 7-2 wins. Last year Sweden was better with one win, but today young finnish boys took 7 wins and won all the possible opponents. 63kg Walter Wale and 69kg Kevin Makota-Ström where as strong as everybody thought. Those cadet europeans won quite easily own matches.

Rest of the matches went to Finland with good sport spirit amoing the team. Everybody hope this tradition  continues between neighbourg countries in the future. Perhaps already in Västerås during the Lilla Mälar Cup fristill.
46kg: Akseli Erkkola FIN
50kg: Miko Elkala FIN
54kg: Nestori Mannila FIN
58kg: Kasperi Kauhanen FIN
63kg: Walter Wale SWE
69kg: Kevin Makota-Ström SWE
76kg: Topi Puhakka FIN
85kg: Suleiman Ahmadi FIN
100kg: Juho Pahikainen FIN