Jacob won FOLK STYLE tournament

  • joulukuu 16, 2019

Jacob Caricato competed in the first of a series of American folk style tournaments in the U.S. Department of Defense European league this weekend at Ramstein, Germany.

The tournament this weekend included seven American high schools with competitor ages from 15-18 years (grades 9-12). Jacob wrestled in the 152 lb (68.9kg) weight class and had 7 wrestlers in his bracket. All Jacob’s competitors this weekend were 17-18 years.

Jacob won all three of his matches and earned first place in his category:
Match 1 – great superiority (19-2), 2nd period
Match 2 – great superiority (17-2) 3rd period
Match 3 – fall, 0:42 1st period

Jacob will compete again 11 January in Weisbaden, Germany and 18 January in Kaiserslautern, Germany or Alconbury, U.K.. The regional championship tournament is 7 February in Stuttgart, Germany followed by the league (Euro) championship 15 February in Weisbaden.

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